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Sankat Mochan

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In Shiri Guru Granth Sahib, each Shabad has its own domain, power, ridhi (worldly riches), sidhi (spiritual power), and naunidhi (nine treasures). There are many Nitnem recitations like Japuji sahib,Rehras Sahib,Sukhani Sahib.All occult powers are in the Shabad. The recitation of Shabad gives you the power to redeem the environments. Shabad is a part of the power of God, and when the Shabad merges in you, you become part of God.The Lotus Feet of God is the Shabad of God. The sound itself will uplift you and take away the disease and sorrow from within you. Meditate on the Lotus Feet of God in your heart. The sound of the spirit is the Shabad. Decorate yourself with it. Shabad is the fountain of spirit. It will always keep you flowing and growing. The neutral mind records the Shabad, the Truth. When your mind is freaking out, the Shabad automatically comes. The Shabadhas the power to control you and your mind, otherwise there is no way you or your mind can be controlled. Shabadbrings inner balance. The power of inner balance is the Shabad, and the power of the Shabad is inner balance.When controlled, our minds can create great things, because the power of the mind is also very infinite. When disciplined,it can change the vibrations and the magnetic psyche of the earth.Gurbani in this app is from holy book Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji.Its a Gutka and also a sundar pothi with different shabads.